Maple Glazed Duck With Oranges

Image of roast duck with maple glaze

I just can’t resist. My local supermarket seems to have fat juicy ducks on sale every time I go in and since I can get a whole bird for less than I can buy a couple of duck breasts, they go straight into my basket.

Back at Portly HQ, we have just picked and podded a bowl of new green peas from the garden, dug up some baby new potatoes so fresh you only have to scrub them to get their skins off, and beat the slugs to some home-grown strawberries for afters. I’m salivating just writing about it.

Image of strawberries, peas and new potatoes in a basket

It’s such a simple meal it almost doesn’t qualify as a recipe but for your delectation and delight I will share my new glaze – basically two glugs of maple syrup, the rind and juice of an orange and a pinch of dried thyme, stirred together in a saucepan over a medium heat until the flavours are blended and the mixture is slightly reduced.

Aside from that, just follow the directions for basting and roasting in my honey roast duck recipe, and Bob, as they say, is your uncle.

Image of duck being brushed with maple glaze

To make the sauce, pour the remaining glaze into the roasting pan (having already poured off the duck fat to roast potatoes with on another occasion) and add a good glug of white wine. Stir and reduce a little.  Strain the sauce. Segment an orange, removing all the pith, add to the sauce and heat through.

Rather good served with a light Shiraz.

Image of duck, peas and new potatoes

No prizes for presentation but it tasted great

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